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Application Information

Academic preparation for admission
Completion of a four-year baccalaureate degree, or its equivalent from a non-U.S. institution, is necessary for enrollment in the graduate program. Applicants to the M.S. and Ph.D. programs typically have completed coursework in economics through both intermediate microeconomic and intermediate macroeconomic theory. Master’s degree candidates should have had at least one course in statistics and one course in calculus. Ph.D. degree applicants should have a mathematics background that includes a rigorous two-semester sequence in differential and integral calculus and a semester of linear algebra.

A student without the appropriate background in economics or mathematics may be admitted, but will be considered deficient. The student will have to complete an approved program of deficiency courses prior to formal admission to the graduate program. Completion of deficiencies is normally achieved during the first semester of study.

Application requirements
Graduate College Online Application
Official Transcripts (Official translation in English)
Three Letters of Recommendation
Statement of Purpose
Graduate Assistantship Application (optional)
Official GRE Scores—Scores of 70th percentile or better in the quantitative portion are highly desired. The institution code is 4832 for the University of Arizona and 0101 for the Department.
Official TOEFL Scores—Required for students from countries where the native language is not English. The institution code is 4832 for the University of Arizona and 99 for the Department.
Financial Guarantee—Required for Foreign Applicants