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Master’s Program

Requirements for completion of degree
The Master's program provides training in the theory and methods of applied agricultural and resource economics. Graduating students are qualified for positions in the private sector with agribusiness, financial, farm management, and consulting firms, and in state and federal government agencies. Some students choose to follow the master's degree with enrollment in a Ph.D. program, either at the University of Arizona or elsewhere. Many AREC graduates have excelled in premier doctoral programs throughout the United States.

Program of study
In most cases, the master's program requires three or four semesters of coursework. Students complete a 12-credit core requirement including two courses in economic theory and two courses in econometrics. All M.S. students are required to take an intensive three-week review course in mathematics (AREC 580) before the start of the fall semester.

Students may select remaining coursework according to their interests. To add depth to their program, students are encouraged (but not required) to focus their efforts in an area of specialization. Students choose specific courses in consultation with their academic advisor.

Thesis options and examinations

Students pursue a research or non-research option after discussion with their faculty advisor. Under the research option, students traditionally write a thesis and take up to six units of research credit. As an alternative, students may complete three research units and write a technical paper. This paper may include one chapter of a thesis, with a detailed outline of remaining chapters, or be a lay or extension publication. Students pursuing the technical paper or non-research option are required to complete additional coursework.

All M.S. candidates must pass a final oral examination. The exam will focus on the student's thesis, technical paper, or coursework, depending on the student's program of study. In the event of failure, students may repeat the oral examination once.

Grade requirements
Students are required to earn a 3.0 (B) grade average or better in their core program and all graduate coursework. Students failing to maintain a 3.0 grade average will be placed on academic probation and possibly dropped from the program. If this occurs, the student must petition the Graduate Advisory Committee for permission to re-enter the program.

M.S. curriculum requirements
Core courses
Production Economics (AREC 504)
Consumption Economics and Price Analysis (AREC 513)
Introduction to Econometrics (ECON 518)
Applied Econometric Analysis I (AREC 549A)
Mathematics for Economists (AREC 580 - 2 units)

Areas of specialization

Applied Econometrics
Introductory Mathematical Statistics for Economists (AREC 517)
Advanced Applied Econometrics (AREC 559 - 4 units)

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Economics of Natural Resource Policy (AREC 575)
Advanced Natural Resource Economics (AREC 576)
Advanced Topics in the Economics of Environmental Regulation (AREC 577)

Other courses currently offered
Agricultural Development (AREC 516)
Financial Management for Agribusiness (AREC 550)

Note: Students wishing to specialize in agribusiness management can do so by taking AREC 550 and a suitable course in the Eller School of Graduate Management in the areas of accounting, finance, marketing, and management information systems.

Note: All courses are 3 units except where indicated.