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Agricultural & Resource Economics

Welcome to AREC! Our graduate studies in M.S. and Ph.D. programs will provide you with superb training in agricultural and resource economics. Our faculty are fully committed to engaging you in learning as much as possible during your graduate studies here. Our M.S. degree offers outstanding opportunities as a terminal degree or can pave the way for excelling in premier Ph.D. programs in agricultural & resource economics. We take great pride in the success of our masterís graduates in the business world. Our masterís graduates go on to careers as econometricians, risk managers, credit analysts, economists, and policy analysts in the private sector (including American Express, JP Morgan Chase, and HSBC) and in governmental organizations (such as ERS/USDA and the National Park Service). Many of our graduates continue on as Ph.D. candidates at top agricultural & resource economics programs (including Berkeley, Cornell, Maryland, and Minnesota). Our collaboration with the Economics Department in the Ph.D. program affords you the job market opportunities of an economics Ph.D. while allowing you to specialize in environmental & resource economics as well as economic development. Our Ph.D. graduates have 100% academic placement. Recent Ph.D. graduates have secured tenure-track assistant professorships in universities such as Ohio State University, University of Florida, and University of Utah. Please contact us and talk with current students to learn more about graduate opportunities in our department.

Gary Thompson
Department Head

Gary Thompson