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A Ag Help Wanted: Guidelines for Managing Agricultural Labor (Western Farm Management Extension Committee)
Arizona Crop Custom Rates
Arizona Farm Machinery Costs 2003|2004
Arizona Field Crop Budgets (1996–1997 and 1999–2000)
Arizona Livestock Budgets (actual title: Cost and Return Estimates for Cow/Calf Ranches in Five Regions of Arizona)
Arizona Ranchers’ Management Guide
The Arizona Review: Economic Perspectives on Arizona’s Agriculture and Natural Resources (newsletter)
Arizona Vegetable Crop Budgets (1995–1996, 1998–1999, and 2001–2002)
C Cardon Research Papers (archive)
Certification and Labeling Considerations for Agricultural Producers (Western Extension Marketing Committee)
Community Development Issues (newsletter)
Cost and Return Estimates for Cow/Calf Ranches in Five Regions of Arizona (Arizona Livestock Budgets)
Cotton Management Economic Notes (newsletter)
D Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook
E Economic Contributions of Arizona’s Green Industry
Economic Impacts from Agricultural Production in Arizona
F Financial Templates
G Guide to Designing and Conducting Visitor Surveys
I Impacts from Agricultural Production and from Specialty Crops on the Arizona Economy 2007
Impacts from Agricultural Production and from Specialty Crops on the Arizona Economy 2007: ADDENDUM Report 2010
Impact of High Technology Industry on the Arizona Economy (1995)
M Managing for Today's Cattle Market and Beyond (Western Extension Marketing Committee)
N Nature-Oriented Visitors and Their Expenditures: Upper San Pedro River Basin
Niche Markets: Assessment and Strategy Development for Agriculture (Western Extension Marketing Committee)
O On Doing More with Less and Other Messages for University Administrators, Collected Papers of a Former Insider (book)

Positive Externalities: a newsletter for the alumni and friends of the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

R Readings in Production and Consumption Economics. Collected Papers of B.R. Beattie and Friends (book)
Riparian Areas Generate Property Value Premium for Landowners
S Strategic Economic Development Vision for the Arizona-Sonora Region: Agribusiness (1997)
Strategies for Monitoring Tourism in Your Community
T Thinking of Owning a Pleasure Horse? A Guide to the Care and Ownership of Pleasure Horses in Arizona (smaller file for onscreen viewing available here)
Tourism in the Tucson Metropolitan Area: Characteristics and Impacts of Overnight Visitors, 1995–1996
Travel and Tourism in the Globe-Miami Region 1995–1996
W Water Transaction Guidebooks for Water Professionals and Stakeholders (2009–2012)
Water Auction Design for Supply Reliability: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
Water Banks: A Tool for Enhancing Water Supply Reliability
Dry-Year Water Supply Reliability Contracts: A Tool for Water Managers
Understanding the Value of Water in Agriculture: Tools for Negotiating Water Transfers
(versión en español: Entendiendo el Valor del Agua en la Agricultura: Herramientas para Negociar Intercambios de Agua)
• Measuring, Monitoring, and Enforcing Temporary Water Transfers: Considerations, Case Examples, Innovations and Costs (higher quality 4.6 MB file, lower quality 1 MB file)
Western Profiles of Innovative Agricultural Marketing (Western Extension Marketing Committee)
The Williams 1995–1996 Visitor Study