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A Ag Help Wanted: Guidelines for Managing Agricultural Labor (Western Farm Management Extension Committee)
  Agriculture in Arizona’s Economy: An Economic Contribution Analysis
Arizona Crop Custom Rates
Arizona Farm Machinery Costs 2003|2004
Arizona Field Crop Budgets (1996–1997 and 1999–2000)
Arizona Livestock Budgets (actual title: Cost and Return Estimates for Cow/Calf Ranches in Five Regions of Arizona)
Arizona Ranchers’ Management Guide
The Arizona Review: Economic Perspectives on Arizona’s Agriculture and Natural Resources (newsletter)
Arizona Vegetable Crop Budgets (1995–1996, 1998–1999, and 2001–2002)
C Cardon Research Papers (archive)
Certification and Labeling Considerations for Agricultural Producers (Western Extension Marketing Committee)
Community Development Issues (newsletter)
  The Contribution of the Beef Industry to the Arizona Economy
Cost and Return Estimates for Cow/Calf Ranches in Five Regions of Arizona (Arizona Livestock Budgets)
Cotton Management Economic Notes (newsletter)
D Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook
E Economic Contributions of Arizona’s Green Industry
Economic Impacts from Agricultural Production in Arizona
F Financial Templates
Fresh Produce and Production-Sharing: Foundations and Opportunities for Nogales and Santa Cruz County
G Guide to Designing and Conducting Visitor Surveys
I Impacts from Agricultural Production and from Specialty Crops on the Arizona Economy 2007
Impacts from Agricultural Production and from Specialty Crops on the Arizona Economy 2007: ADDENDUM Report 2010
Impact of High Technology Industry on the Arizona Economy (1995)
M Managing for Today's Cattle Market and Beyond (Western Extension Marketing Committee)
N Nature-Oriented Visitors and Their Expenditures: Upper San Pedro River Basin
Niche Markets: Assessment and Strategy Development for Agriculture (Western Extension Marketing Committee)
O On Doing More with Less and Other Messages for University Administrators, Collected Papers of a Former Insider (book)

Positive Externalities: a newsletter for the alumni and friends of the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

R Readings in Production and Consumption Economics. Collected Papers of B.R. Beattie and Friends (book)
Riparian Areas Generate Property Value Premium for Landowners
S Strategic Economic Development Vision for the Arizona-Sonora Region: Agribusiness (1997)
Strategies for Monitoring Tourism in Your Community
T Thinking of Owning a Pleasure Horse? A Guide to the Care and Ownership of Pleasure Horses in Arizona (smaller file for onscreen viewing available here)
Tourism in the Tucson Metropolitan Area: Characteristics and Impacts of Overnight Visitors, 1995–1996
Travel and Tourism in the Globe-Miami Region 1995–1996
W Water Transaction Guidebooks for Water Professionals and Stakeholders (2009–2012)
Water Auction Design for Supply Reliability: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
Water Banks: A Tool for Enhancing Water Supply Reliability
Dry-Year Water Supply Reliability Contracts: A Tool for Water Managers
Understanding the Value of Water in Agriculture: Tools for Negotiating Water Transfers
(versión en español: Entendiendo el Valor del Agua en la Agricultura: Herramientas para Negociar Intercambios de Agua)
• Measuring, Monitoring, and Enforcing Temporary Water Transfers: Considerations, Case Examples, Innovations and Costs (higher quality 4.6 MB file, lower quality 1 MB file)
Western Profiles of Innovative Agricultural Marketing (Western Extension Marketing Committee)
The Williams 1995–1996 Visitor Study