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On Doing More with Less and Other Messages for University Administrators
Collected Papers of a Former Insider
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Bruce R. Beattie
ISBN 0-9786819-0-8

On Doing More with Less
is a collection of papers written over a twenty-year span of time. Why do precious taxpayer and university resources go to proliferating administration when classrooms and laboratories cry out, unanswered, for additional faculty? How can this overburdening and muddled administrative structure—that also stifles creativity and creates animosity between academic units—be fixed? How should administration react to the proliferation of interdisciplinary and topical-studies programs? What strategies will sustain and enhance departmental productivity in good times and bad? What role should scholarly research play in teaching and outreach? What role should decentralized faculty and learned societies, versus the administration, play in setting research, teaching, and outreach agendas? How can faculty evaluation be improved? And, of course, how can faculty meet administration’s charge to do more with less in budget-strapped times?

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