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Agricultural & Resource Economics
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Undergraduate Degree Programs
B.S. in Agricultural Economics and Management
B.S. in Environmental and Water Resource Economics

B.S. Agricultural Economics and Management

Agricultural Economics Option(course requirements)
Agribusiness Management Option(course requirements)

In the Agricultural Economics & Management major you will:
–Take courses in business administration and applied economics
– Develop problem solving, and decision making skills
– Focus on critical management issues dealing with land, people, food, water, and capital
– Prepare for careers here and abroad
– Practice for your future career in senior-level capstone courses that use real world simulations and cases

After you graduate, there are many options:
– Entrepreneur
– Stockbroker
–Plant Manager
– Sales Representative
– Financial Analyst
–Real Estate Agent
–Management Trainee
– Graduate School

B.S. Environmental & Water Resource Economics
(course requirements)

Take four core classes, then design your own degree drawing from courses in three areas of specialization:
– Environmental and Water Sciences
–Management and Policy
–Quantitative Methods

In the Environmental & Water Resource Economics major you will
–Receive training in environmental and natural resource economics and in quantitative methods
–Integrate your studies with science, politics, law, information technology, project management, maketing, and communications

After you graduate, there are many options:
–Enviromental educators and communicators
–Water quality managers
–Legal Assistants
–Environmental Regulatory Specialist
–GIS Specialists
–Agricultural Economists
–Graduate School
–Law School