photograph: The Santa Cruz River (Tucson, AZ) during a 100 year flood. The Advanced Resource Technology Group

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Current GIS Course Offerings

These are taught by staff and faculty associated with ART.


Dept. Course # Course Title Units Instructor(s) Possible Enrollment
RNR 271 Natural Resources Computer Applications 3 R. MacArthur 60
RNR 403/503 Applications of Geographic Information Systems 3 P. Guertin 30
RNR 417/517 Geographic Information Systems for Natural Resources 3 C. Wissler 90
RNR 419/519 Cartographic Modeling for Natural Resources 3 P. Guertin 30
RNR 420/520 Advanced Geographic Information Systems 3 C. Wissler
G. Christopherson
P. Guertin
B. Ball
RNR 422/522 Resource Mapping 3 P. Guertin 20


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