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  ArcIMS Installation Log
  Patrick J. Barabe
  Advanced Resource Technology Group
  School of Renewable Natural Resources
  The University of Arizona

NOTE: this procedure was adapted from that posted by Bart
Adriaanse on the ESRI ArcIMS Product Discussion Conference

OS:MS Windows 2000 Server
Web:Apache v 2.0
Servlet:Tomcat 4.01

I. Install Java J2SDK 1.4.0
II. Install Apache 2.0.35
III. Install Jakarta-Tomcat 4.01
IV. Install/Configure ESRI ArcIMS 4.0
V. Configure Tomcat for ArcIMS
VI. Configure Apache for ArcIMS

NOTE:	Since I had previously installed ArcIMS 3.1, I had already performed
	Steps I, II, and III.  However, after a rough go of it the 1st time
	around, I opted to unintall/reinstall Tomcat.  The other preparation
	for installing ArcIMS 4.0 were 1) to uninstall ArcIMS 3.1.  From that
	point I proceded with STEP IV.

STEP I - Install J2SDK 1.4.0 w/ J2RE
  1. That's all!

STEP II - Install Apache as a service
  1. Choose default settings

  2. Reboot

  3. Verify Apache is running by noting the presence of its default web page:
    or simply

STEP III - Install Tomcat
  1. Choose default options and install as an "NT Service"

  2. Reboot

  3. Verify Tomcat is running by noting the presence of its default web page:
    or simply

STEP IV - Intall ArcIMS
  1. Choose to do a Custom Installation

    • Select Custom for Manager
      • Choose Manager Applications

    • Select Application Server
    • Select Custom for Application Server Connectors
      • Choose Servlet Connector
      • Choose Java Connector

    • Select Custom for Samples
      • Choose Tutorial Data
      • Choose Sample HTML & Java Viewers
      • Choose Sample Java & JSP Applications

    • Select Custom for Documentation
      • Choose ArcXML Guide
      • Choose Customizing HTML Viewer
      • Choose Customizing Java Viewer
      • Choose Customizing AppServerLink

  2. JRE:
    • Browse to JRE w/in J2SDK 1.4

  3. Host Name:
    • Protocol: http
    • Host:

  4. Web Site Working Directory: c:\ArcIMS

  5. User's Working Directory: c:\ArcIMS\AXL

  6. Application Server Information:
    • Host Name: myhost
    • Registry Port: 5353
    • Connector Port: 5300

  7. Servlet Connector Directory:
    • C:\Program Files\Apache Tomcat 4.0\classes

  8. Provide an administrative user/password

  9. Install

STEP V - Configure Tomcat
  1. Open %Tomcat Install Dir%\conf\server.xml in a text editor

  2. Add to Context section:
    <!-- ArcIMS Context using default directories -->
    <Context path="/Website" docBase="c:/ArcIMS/Website" debug="0"/>
    <Context path="/output" docBase="c:/ArcIMS/Output" debug="0"/>

    Next line makes ArcIMS Administrator available at the URL
    <Context path="/ArcIMSAdmin" docBase="c:/ArcIMS/Output" debug="0" />

  3. Edit %ArcIMS Install Dir%\common\ to match local
    paths for Tomcat & Java installations. Save this file as
    %Tomcat Install Dir%\conf\

  4. Open %ArcIMS%/Administrator/esriadmin/default.htm and change the line
    that reads var hostName =;
    to var hostName = "";

  5. Restart ArcIMS, Tomcat, & Apache

STEP VI - Configure Apache
  1. Open %ArcIMS install dir%\Common\ApacheAlias.txt, copy & paste contents
    to the Alias section of %Apache Install Dir%\conf\httpd.conf