Bud Heiss Landscapes Exhibited March 2015

Ask our gift shop staff which gallery shows have received the most accolades in recent years - they'll tell you visitors still ask to see works by Gilbert painter and Friends-of-the-Arboretum annual member, Bud Heiss; he returns as our featured artists by popular demand for March 2015, showcasing new paintings of Arboretum scenes and Sonoran Desert vistas. Viewers should expect to find familiar views from around the gardens and trails: the High Trail and Queen Creek are among places which catch this artist's eye.

"It’s all about the light," says Bud, "nearly all of my paintings are studies of light and shadow. Many artists talk about using light in their work but I often use light as one of the main subjects in my landscape paintings. I am always on the lookout for new and challenging effects of light in the landscape and wildlife art that I have become known for. If the light in a scene doesn’t excite me, there’s no reason to paint it."

" My signature style is impressionistic realism – a fancy way of saying that the work is realistic but not photographic. I strive to capture a specific scene at a particular time of day, usually late afternoon or early morning when shadows are distinct and the light becomes golden in color. My paintings reflect the drama and mystery at those times of day with shadow areas set off by brighter sunlit passages.
"My paintings are both a representation of the physical world and a reflection of my inner self. An idealized reality if you will. Most of my works have many elements that are entirely invented – more so these days. Relationships are extremely important in painting as in life. The number of relationships to consider within a painting , both visual and psychological, is mind boggling. I'll move things around, invent a tree here, deepen a shadow there, move an area forward, always considering the subtle changes in relationships as I make these adjustments. Each year my painting process evolves a bit . I am relying less on my photo references and inventing a great portion of each painting these days. This process is much slower, less certain and to be sure, less comfortable.

"The Arboretum provides my favorite subject matter and it's by far the best place to show my artwork. The visitors and members there appreciate the things that I love to paint. As an artist I am not complete without interested viewers- lovers of nature and appreciators of art. I would continue to paint without viewers but I wouldn't be as fulfilled or encouraged without them. A big thanks to everyone that takes the time to see what I've done and hopefully they will come away seeing things a bit different - noticing the beauty and awe of ordinary things around them in extraordinary light.

Bud studied at Kansas City Art Institute, earned his Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Nebraska and did post graduate work at the Loveland Academy of Fine Art in Colorado. He paints regularly in oils, watercolor and acrylic (his favorite) and his work has received many awards nationally and locally. His art is included in countless private and corporate collections. To contact the artist about purchases email Bud at: heiss-studio@q.com
or call 602-616-6895

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