Saving Energy Costs with Operation Cool Shade

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Studies show that proper shading of the home can reduce energy consumption by as much as 20 percent. "Operation Cool Shade" began in 2000 when the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension in Pima County joined with Tri-Co Electric Cooperative to distribute shade trees to residents for energy conservation.

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Tri-Co Electric Cooperative and Pima County Extension provided trees and training, respectively, to interested residents. A requirement of the program was that trees be planted in locations around the house to ensure maximum shading. Master Gardeners completed "train the trainer" programs and in turn trained residents regarding the correct selection, placement, planting and care of shade trees.

In 2006, ten Master Gardener volunteers conducted four annual programs, two in Green Valley and two in Marana, for 181 participants. An additional four Master Gardeners staffed an answer booth on tree planting and care at the tree distribution day conducted by TriCo Electric Cooperative's headquarters in Marana, Arizona. Tri-Co employees conducted follow-up inspections to ensure that trees were planted in the pre-determined locations and that the trees remained in good health. (Follow-up information and assistance with tree care is provided by the Pima County Cooperative Extension).


During the 2006 Operation Cool Shade program, 1,150 trees were distributed to 396 electric cooperative customers. Since 2000, a total of 10,408 trees have been distributed to 3,627 customers in Pima County, Arizona.

Given the average peak household consumption (July, August and September) of 7,263 kilowatt hours and the current rate of $0.09602 per KWh, the average projected savings for individual households participating in Operation Cool Shade for the three-month period is 20% of 7,263 KwH or 1,453 kWh, with a dollar savings of $139.51 during that time. In terms of all 396 participating households for 2006, the projected savings is 575,388 kWh or $55,245 for the peak three-month summer period.

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TriCo Electric Cooperative

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John Begeman
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