Science Skills for High School Teachers

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Technology and science knowledge is increasing exponentially, making it difficult for teachers in grades K-12 to stay current. Few opportunities exist for them to update their skills and abilities in biotechnology and general sciences.

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The Department of Agricultural Education in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences developed an interdisciplinary science skills workshop that has reached almost 500 teachers per year over the past decade. Teachers learn hands-on technical skills in subjects such as biotechnology and aquaculture, and also the methods they can use to teach these skills in their classrooms. Sponsored by the Arizona Department of Education, this professional development project is designed to help Arizona public school teachers become more effective educators.

In addition, faculty members in the department have focused on improving instruction in the agricultural science programs by developing curricula and methodologies in the following areas: agribusiness, leadership, agricultural mechanics, companion animal care and management, equine science, American Indian agriculture, livestock production management, aquaculture and fisheries management, and livestock breeding. Most of these materials have been developed to enhance teaching in secondary schools.


The 500 teachers completing the science workshops each year teach their newfound skills to approximately 50,000 students throughout Arizona. These teachers represent 85 percent of Arizona high schools.

"I was able to walk away from the workshop with something readily adaptable to the classroom that would introduce my students to new ideas in science and technology." -teacher, Chino Valley High School, Arizona.

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Arizona Department of Education; The University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Department of Agricultural Education

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