Mesquite - New Traditions for an Ancient Food

Jun 13 2014 - 8:30am - 4:00pm

Come join Cooperative Extension and Baja Arizona Sustainable Agriculture for a day of presentations, vendors and demonstrations on today’s use of mesquite beans as an alternative food source for humans and animals. Topics covered will include food and handling safety, nutrition, management, cultivation, sorting, drying, cooking, harvesting and milling. Registration is required and costs $30 ($25 for BASA Members, $20 students) which includes lunch and mesquite snacks.

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Mail checks made out to BASA at BASA Mesquite Workshop, P.O. Box 40935, Tucson, 85717. Info:  520-331-9821

Speakers include ethnobotanist Dr. Richard Felger, who first envisioned mesquite as a modern agricultural crop.  Mark Moody who is cultivating mesquite on a large scale in Bouse, Arizona.  Amy Valdes-Schwemm representing Desert Harvesters, the non-profit organization that transports its hammermill around southern Arizona putting on  community mesquite millings. Dr. Howard Frederick, UA Dept of Veterinary Science Associate Professor and Dennis Moroney, sustainable rancher, will address mesquite as food for livestock.  Clifford Pablo, Extension Agent from Tohono O’odham Community College will speak on mesquite management and harvesting on the Tohono O’odham Nation and do a walk in the on-site mesquite bosque.  Martha Ames Burgess will address why mesquite is a superb human food and how to cook with it.   Demonstrations will include pod sorting and drying, food safety issues and testing and baking mesquite breads and desserts in solar ovens.  Mesquite flour and baking mixes and mesquite cookbooks will be for sale.    

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