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Training Topic - Hearing Screening

Below is a current listing of Hearing Screening related training topics and their descriptions.

    HS1-7 :Hearing Screening - 90 minutes (1.5 hours)
     Participants will gain a basic understanding of the typical development of speech and language and the anatomy and physiology of the ear, identify signs of hearing loss in children, know the types of hearing loss in children, recall ways to prevent hearing loss in children, and become familiar with the ADHS Sensory Program.
    HS2: Prescreening - 120 minutes (2.0 hours)
     Participants will recognize normal auditory development, understand the importance of early identification of hearing loss, know when and how hearing screening is routinely conducted, practice selecting appropriate screening methods, and be able to set up a screening program.
    HS3: Pure Tone Screening - 120 minutes (2.0 hours)
     Participants will know the parts of an audiometer and how they work, recall the steps in checking equipment, demonstrate the proper placement of ear phones, perform accurate pure tone screening, identify children who need further evaluation/referral and understand principles of rescreening.
    HS4: Referral/Notification and Reporting - 75 minutes (1.25 hours)
     Participants will understand the results of hearing screening, know appropriate responses to screening outcomes, know principles of effective communication with parents, know documentation and tracking procedures and the roleof community resources, and know how to report screening results to the Arizona Department of Health Services
    HS5: Tympanometry - 60 minutes (1.0 hours)
     Participants will understand why this method of screening is used, anatomy and normal middle ear function, what tympanometry measures/identifies, the use of tympanometry equipment, how to conduct a tympanometry screening, and referral criteria.
    HS6: Otoacoustic Emissions Screening - 60 minutes (1.0 hours)
     Participants will understand why this method of screening is used, what otoacoustic emissions are and what they measure, the parts of the equipment and how they work, how to conduct a screening and referral criteria.
    HS7: Otitis Media - 75 minutes (1.25 hours)


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