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Training Topic - Vision Screening

Below is a current listing of Vision Screening related training topics and their descriptions.

    VS1: Introduction to Vision Screening and Vision - 90 minutes (1.5 hours)
     Participants will gain a basic understanding of the typical development of vision and the anatomy and physiology of the eye, identify signs of vision loss in children, know the types of vision loss in children, recall ways to prevent vision loss in children, and become familiar with the ADHS Sensory Program.
    VS2: Vision Screening Set Up - 60 minutes (1.0 hour)
     Participants will understand their screening situation and conditions, know the tasks and roles involved and learn the processes and procedures for planning and setting up vision screening.
    VS3: Vision Screening Process, Tools and Techniques - 120 minutes (2 hours)
     Participants will know the different types of charts and screening tools and when they are used, demonstrate their proper use, understand how to screen different ages and children with different developmental needs, perform accurate vision screening, understand the principles of rescreening and be able to identify children who need further evaluation/referral.
    VS4: Vision Screening Documentation, Notification, Referral and Follow-up - 60 minutes (1.0 hour)
     Participants will understand documentation and tracking procedures, know appropriate responses to screening outcomes, demonstrate principles of effectively communicating with parents, understand and identify community resources available.


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