Morrow Honored with UA Award for Excellence

Walter Morrow, applications systems analyst/developer, senior in College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Administration has been among fifteen employees selected in 2013 to receive University of Arizona Awards for Excellence.

The awards, formerly called the Staff Awards for Excellence, are presented annually by the UA Staff Advisory Council, the Appointed Professionals Advisory Council, the Shared Governance and Campus Community Advisory Committee and the Office of the President. They are designed to recognize employees who go above and beyond the call of duty in their jobs, whether it's by putting in extra hours, initiating innovative programs or helping to create a positive environment. The awards are among the most prestigious that staff or appointed personnel can receive.

Morrow was presented with the award at a ceremony at the Student Union Memorial Center on April 25. The program included a summary of the comments made by his nominators.

Walter Morrow is described as a "consummate gentleman". In his position as Senior Applications Systems Analyst and Developer for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, he has spent the last twenty years working on behalf of the University of Arizona, its employees and the community in many ways.

Equally important as being a well-known UA "data detective" and posessing detailed knowledge about UA data in both the old and the new UAccess systems, is the way Walter interacts with others. "He is always willing and able to assist coworkers regardless of their level of experience or knowledge. He will find an approach that works for the individual," says Walter's supervisor, Associate Dean Sandra Pottinger. Grants Section Head Lorinda Mills adds, "He has been a quiet, but positive person in the changeover process while encouraging a lot of discouraged people."

Walter's activities are not limited to his work at the University. He volunteers his time as an election volunteer and in the community, offering his time to activities as varied as children's soccer referee to working with "Operation Deep Freeze" and opening his home to international students.

On the job or on his own time, Walter consistently demonstrates the perfect balance of technical and people skills. Former President Eugene Sander says, "In our world today, quiet or unobtrusive people do not always get the recognition they earn. Although Walter is not one to push himself forward or see himself as special, he is most deserving of the Award for Excellence."

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Claudia Arias
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Apr 26 2013