CALES Career Talk: Pima County Smartscape Program


12:30 to 1:30 p.m., March 20, 2024

Join the College of Agriculture, Life & Environmental Sciences (CALES) Career Center for our weekly Career Talks. Each week, you’ll meet a different industry professional and connect with current internship, job, or volunteer opportunities. Complimentary lunch is provided to all students who RSVP and attend in-person!

The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Service, in partnership with Tucson Wateris pleased to offer the Pima County Smartscape Program. Smartscape provides opportunities for all water users in Tucson and the surrounding communities to learn about low-water-use landscapes and efficient irrigation in our beautiful Sonoran Desert. Unlike water used indoors that is recycled and reused, water used in landscapes cannot be recaptured and used again. Efficient water use in our landscapes has the potential to create savings in water, costs, maintenance, and energy while cooling and promoting sustainability of our urban desert community!

Join us in-person or via Zoom:


Colin Eischeid