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Tree    In cooperation with the USDA Forest Service the Arizona Forest Health Program provides assistance to protect, improve, and restore forested ecosystems from the adverse effects of insects and diseases in the State of Arizona with emphasis on private and state owned lands.

The Forest Health Program, with specialists in entomology, plant pathology and invasive species, provides a wide range of education and assistance programs in coordination with state forest land resource managers, county extension offices, private landowners, and the general public (youth and adults) including:

  • aerial and ground detection surveys
  • on-site evaluation of forest pest problems and impact assessments
  • strategies for managing forest insect and disease outbreaks
  • training programs tailored to specific needs of resource managers
  • pesticide use and management information, including development of technologies for management of noxious and native invasive plants
  • technology transfer through demonstration projects, publications, and workshops.
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