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    Smartscape Series

    Smartscape: A Training Program for Landscape Professionals™ consists of nine workshops taught by University of Arizona faculty and local business professionals. They provide informative, research-based instruction designed to promote best landscape management practices for the urban Sonoran Desert…

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    Smartscape Español

    Smartscape en Español es el equivalente al programa de Smartscape: A Training Program for Landscape Professionals™. Este programa se compone de nueve clases de entrenamiento impartidos por la Universidad de Arizona y por profesionales de negocios locales. Estas clases…


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    Additional Professional Classes

    Additional Professional Smartscape classes build on the basic instruction offered in Smartscape: A Training Program for Landscape Professionals™ by expanding the subject matter to provide a broader and/or deeper knowledge in given areas of interest…

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    Additional Homeowner Classes

    SmartScape is pleased to offer practical landscape water conservation classes for the residents of Pima County and surrounding communities. All classes are based on the principles of Xeriscape and Best Management Practices for creating and maintaining water-smart home landscapes.

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Homeowners Tree Workshop and FireWise Program

Free Workshop! Learn the fundamentals of proper tree installation, initial care, growth, development and the benefit of trees for the homeowner and the community. Learn proper maintenance of…

Desert Horticulture Conference

The 24th Annual Desert Horticulture Conference will be held June 5, 2015 at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort in Tucson, AZ. The conference provides timely and research-based…

Edible Baja Arizona Magazine is here!

Pick up your Edible Baja Arizona Magazine at the University of Arizona/Pima County Cooperative Extension office.  Edible Baja Arizona is a magazine celebrating the foodways of Tucson and…

Smartscape Series Testimonials

The Smartscape  series of class have given me more up to date information than I could have gotten anywhere else. The classes are convenient for someone working full…