Healthy Landscapes – Part 1: Understanding Your Site and Your Soil – Homeowners

July 27, 2013 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
UA Pima County Cooperative Extension
4210 North Campbell Avenue
Tucson,AZ 85719

Building a healthy landscape begins with understanding your site and knowing what your soil has to offer and what the soil needs.  This class will focus on:

  • Understanding your site, identifying microclimates.
  • Soil – the backbone of the landscape and garden.  This is where it all begins and topics include:
    • The soil food web.
    • Types of soil – why does it matter?
    • How to determine what type of soil you have.
    • What is special about Tucson dirt?
    • What do plants need from the soil?
    • What can you expect to learn from testing your soil?
    • Mulch, compost and what the monsoon can do for you.

Creating and Maintaining Healthy Landscapes

What does it take to create and maintain a healthy landscape?  Careful planning and good practices will help you create and grow a healthy garden. Understanding the environmental factors, soil conditions, and local pests and diseases will help us become better stewards of the landscape in such a hostile environment.

The objective of these classes is to provide participants an opportunity to learn what it takes to develop a healthy landscape and to develop a plan of action for their own gardens.  While the classes are meant to complement each other, each class is a self-contained unit consisting of both classroom and field activities. Come prepared to make practical applications of the ideas and information presented.