Sep 12 Sat

Whether you are a DIYer or are hiring a professional, this class will help you understand how to set up, maintain, change and troubleshoot a drip irrigation system like a pro! Learn about the pvc lines, tubing, connections, emitters, tools and how to put it all together to create an efficient drip system…in the comfort of an air conditioned classroom.

Incorrect watering is not only detrimental to plants, but is one of the biggest residential water wasting practices. 

Make sure to also attend our Irrigation Controllers & Scheduling class to learn how to use your drip irrigation system to have healthier plants while saving water!

PLEASE NOTE: Part 1 and Part 2 can be taken in any order
Instructor: Steve Mallgren

Pre-Registration Required.  If there is space available in the class or on the waiting list, you can access it through the REGISTER button above.

Those who are on the waiting list have priority for “stand-by” (class size is dictated by fire code)

Sep 26 Sat

Irrigation Controllers and Scheduling

Do you know how to:

Use your drip irrigation system correctly?

*  Determine your landscape’s watering needs?

*  Create an efficient watering schedule for your landscape?

*  Program and troubleshoot your controller?

This class discusses various common irrigation systems and focuses on installing and programming/scheduling a drip irrigation system controller, along with critical information about your plants’ watering needs and efficient irrigation techniques.  Maintenance and troubleshooting are also included.

Make sure to also attend our Hands On Drip Irrigation class so you will be able to set up and/or maintain all of the “parts” to avoid wasting water!

 PLEASE NOTE: Part 1 and Part 2 can be taken in any order
Instructor: Steve Mallgren – Irrigation expert and local business owner

Pre-Registration Required.  

A couple of spots just opened up for this class!